Welcome to a beginners site for hiking and frisbee golf

Last year we were tired of siting around and watching TV every evening and wanted to start doing something.  I started by exercising on an elliptical machine every day for several months.  We then started playing Frisbee Golf every evening.  Along with watching what we eat (cutting out soda for example) I lost 25 lbs last summer (2010).  This winter I put back on 10 lbs and we decided to take up hiking this year.  I hopped back on the elliptical to get back in shape before our trip.  We went to Sedona and hiked for 5 days including one hike in the Grand Canyon.  When we returned, we have tried to keep up hiking at least once a week in Wisconsin.  We figured we didn't have to travel to hike and should explore our own State.

This site will be devoted to both hiking and Frisbee golf.  We are not experts and do not claim to be but hopefully this will help others looking for something to do.  We were intimidated by both at the beginning but we choose these because you do not have to have experience or great investment in equipment to get started.

  • Crystal Lake Disc Golf Went and played Crystal Lake Disc Golf.  One of the first courses I played it seemed incredibly long and difficult.  Now that I have been playing for a year, it ...
    Posted Aug 1, 2011, 9:39 AM by Rudy Bochek
  • Cockscomb Trail We were looking for Fay trail and ended up on Cockscomb trail instead.  Had a second hike in the same day for another short hike. Cockscomb trail EveryTrail - Find the ...
    Posted Jun 26, 2011, 7:20 AM by Rudy Bochek
  • Coffee Pot Trail - Sedona, Arizona Our first hike in Sedona was for Coffee Pot Trail. Coffee pot trail EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Arizona
    Posted Jun 26, 2011, 7:18 AM by Rudy Bochek
  • This blog will be for hikes, frisbee golf, etc. Here I hope to post all of the hikes with links to the trails, frisbee golf outings with links to the courses and other items of interest.
    Posted Jun 26, 2011, 6:58 AM by Rudy Bochek
  • Everytrail.com I am on Everytrail.com where I map all of our hikes.  Pretty great app for both IOS and Android.
    Posted Jun 26, 2011, 6:56 AM by Rudy Bochek
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